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Elite Fitness Stealth Messaging is the 2048 bit end-to-end secure, encrypted, Web-based email service that lets you send and receive email in total security. Elite Fitness security is end-to-end; messages are encrypted before leaving your computer and remain encrypted until after they arrive on the recipient's machine, where the contents are automatically decrypted. Despite this unsurpassed level of security, Elite Fitness's encryption works automatically, transparently and seamlessly, requiring no specialized computer skills or knowledge. Encrypting a message is as simple as clicking a mouse.

The system is very similar to hotmail, Yahoo mail, or hushmail except you get a cool email address like [email protected]. So if you go by Big Rick Rock on the elitefitness.com discussion boards, now your email address can be [email protected] or anything else that you choose!

You can immediately begin sending and receiving secure messages to anyone at other elitefitness.com or hushmail.com email addresses and you can be absolutely certain that your conversations are 100% private, secure, and encrypted. Click here for a screenshot!

The problem with unsafe mail
Too many Internet users assume that all electronic information is safe from prying eyes. They could not be more wrong. All electronic messages are sent through a system of routers and servers. At points along this path, email messages are logged and may even be stored on backup tapes that are kept for years. These storage points are the weak links in the chain, for this is where your messages, business transactions or credit card numbers can potentially be retrieved, read and misused. Every time you send email, you trust your messages and privacy to nameless and faceless individuals or organizations that frequently have no guidelines and no concerns for your privacy or security.

By contrast, Elite Fitness Stealth Messaging keeps your online communications private and secure. Our mail servers are located overseas for additional security and are even more powerful than the servers hushmail uses for its own email accounts. Not even an Elite Fitness or HushMail employee with access to our Web servers can read your encrypted email, since each message is uniquely encoded before it leaves your computer. An Elite Fitness Stealth Messaging account lets you communicate in total security with any other Elite or Hush member anywhere else in the world.

Unique privacy solution
Most other email security systems offer a pale imitation of safe communication. Only Elite Fitness Stealth Messaging provides such a high level of security combined with total ease of use. All you need is a computer with an Internet connection and a current Web browser. The next step is to sign up for an elitefitness.com email address, create a passphrase, and login to your free account. You'll immediately be able to communicate securely with other Elite/Hush users, and you can access your account from anywhere in the world.

Make Elite Fitness Mail Your Start Page!

Who needs Elite Fitness Stealth Messaging?

Anyone who's concerned about securely communicating online needs Elite Fitness Stealth Messaging. Here are just a few examples of the organizations and industries that can benefit from secure online communications:
Bodybuilders Athletes Coaches
Law Firms Web Design Firms Universities
Affinity Groups Online Catalogues Personal Trainers
Healthcare Providers Research & Development E-commerce Companies
Government & Military Agencies Security Sensitive Businesses Informative & Interactive Sites

How do I get techinal support?

Read our Technical Support Manual

How do I contact Elite Fitness Stealth Messaging?

Elite Fitness: Online Bodybuilding Magazine: http://www.elitefitness.com

The Most Controversial Bodybuilding Site on the Internet.

217 West 18th Street, P.O. Box 1264, New York, NY 10113-1264

George Spellwin [email protected]

Research Director phone: 212-823-1000

I need more storage. How can I get a Platinum Account?

Buy it here

Can I use Elite Fitness Stealth Messaging on my Apple computer?

Elite Fitness Stealth Messaging does not currently work on Apple Macintoshâ„¢ computers.

Where can I learn more about privacy and encryption issues?

We've collected some more links that you can checkout here

What have other users said about EliteFitness stealth messaging?

The following are actual messages sent to us by our users. Keeping in accordance with our strict policy of protecting Elite Fitness Stealth Messaging users' privacy, only first names are given.

WEll i just signed up a few days ago, but it's a good thing, exactly like hush, well I suppose that's to be expected as you're using their engine. It's nice that hush recognized elitefitness.com as a local domain and will encrypt messages sent from hushmail.com to elitefitness.com etc..


I have been using the new "encrypted elitefitness mail" and it seems to be good, just like the hushmail as stated in one of the post. I think it will work out great, especially since we get an email of @elitefitness.com and it is totally secured, I think and I can probably speak for the majority of the users that it will be very much appreciated to have a email service from elitefitness.

Thanks Again


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